Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting physical

Just like my meal plans I think I need to write down my workout plans/goals for the week.  It seems to be a big help in keeping my accountable to what I'm doing or supposed to be doing.

Monday - 3 mile run
Tuesday - 2 mile and strength training targeting legs/abs
Wednesday - 3 mile run
Thursday - rest
Friday - 30 mins strength training targeting arms/abs
Saturday - 4 mile run
Sunday - rest

Honestly looking at this schedule I'm already looking forward to Thursday and Sunday...(just kidding kinda).  This week should be a good week to get back into the routine of using my lunch break to get to the gym.  Also I'm restarting Hal Higdon's half marathon training for beginners because I have a little over a month to bring down my time from the Las Vegas Rock n Roll run.

Lucky you get to see what I wore to work on Monday.  Please excuse the nearly naked boy but he insisted on being held while hubby snapped a picture.

Sweater - Kohls
Pants & Necklace - NY and Company
Shoes - JC Penny

I wasn't wearing the shoes in the picture above because I left them in my car and didn't feel like going out to get them for the picture.

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