Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meal Planning Sunday

What a week it's been.  But one thing that made life a whole lot easier is having my meals planned out for the week.  I think I only had one deviation from the original menu but will plan on putting it back on this week since I have all the ingredients already.  This week we are going to do some family favorites.  It's also nice that the weather has cooled down so having chili in evening will be a nice treat.

Sunday - Leftovers - I had to work today so I put hubby in charge of dinner and he suggested leftovers since there was quite a bit in the fridge...(how did he get off so easily with his dinner plan??)
Monday - Doc's Chili and a baked potato.  This is by far my families favorite chili.  I swear we make this at least 3 times a month.
Tuesday - Bacon, Turkey, Avocado Wraps & Baked Barbecue Lays
Wednesday - Crock pot Pot Roast - Didn't get a chance to make this last week but since I have all the fixings for it I have to put it back on the menu
Thursday - Baked Salmon, steamed broccoflower, and mashed potatoes
Friday - Shake N Bake Pork Chops, Green beans and Mac n Cheese
Saturday - Spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meal Planning Sunday

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts of the week.  I'm enjoying all of the ideas that are out there especially on Pinterest.  (Feel free to follow me as this is my newest obsession)  I think that I have more pins on my eats board then any other but it is a great tool for helping me plan out my meals for the week.  I think that we will spend another week doing most of our meals in the crockpot.  I have had my crock pot for well over 15 years now so I'm thinking of investing in a new one.  Any suggestions??  I want one that I can program and control a little bit better then the outdated one I have now.

Sunday - Grilled steaks, baked potatos and grilled asparagus - The weather is still in the high 70's so we are going to do everything we can to enjoy it out by our condo communities pool
Monday - Monday Beans & Chicken and steamed broccoli
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday - Going to take a break from new recipes and just have a family favorite
Wednesday - Skinny Crock pot roast
Thursday - Crock pot baked potato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches
Friday - Leftovers!
Saturday - Hubby and I are doing a nighttime 5k so the kiddos will have pizza with the sitter and we will go to dinner after.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Going Steady

Week 2 of Shrinkvivor Shrinkvivor Q & A is officially over and it was quite a difficult week.  I know sounds bad that I 'm already making excuses and I haven't even done a recap of my week.  It was an incredibly busy week and then to top it off I've gotten sick and just haven't felt like doing anything.  I was only able to get 165 minutes of exercise this week due to all that.  Last week I got in 354 :(   The one thing I feel I did do well in was the mini challenge of getting enough sleep.  I love to go to bed early so that is never a problem for me.  With that being said I did not gain any weight nor did I lose any.  I stayed steady at last weeks weigh in of 189.  I should be happy with that but I know that I need to make sure that I am putting in the work.  As we go into Week 3 we are given another week of trying to get as many exercise minutes as we can as well as our mini-challenge of getting green veggies in.  I like that challenge because I'm trying to get my kids in the habit of having at least one veggie with dinner so this week we will be eating a lot of broccoli, asparagus and green beans.  Lucky for us they like those particular greens so there should be no complaints...except from the dog of course.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Confessions Tuesday

Wow another week has gone by and it's time for me to look back at my week and confess my transgressions...Really it could have been a lot worse.  It really is hard trying to get a grasp on getting enough exercise and watching calorie intake all while be busy with work and kids and life.  Each day it has to be a conscience decision to eat right and at least get 30 minutes of activity in.

* I did not get as many exercise minutes in as I had wanted to

* I was not able to stay completely away from fast food due to some traveling we did over the weekend

* I was grouchy with  my husband and kids this week due to my personal decisions on my weight loss journey.

Well I guess now I do feel better getting all that off my chest.  I have a new week starting tomorrow and I can only make better decisions from this day forward.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Menu Planning Sunday 10/9 - 10/15

It never feels like there is enough time in a day.  I wish that I could be the homemaker that whips out the most awesome meals for my family complete with pretty plating and a set table.  Most of the time at our house we make our plate in the kitchen and bring it to the dining room table that is scattered with random things that have accumulated through out the week.  Besides that little wish it has been very helpful planning out my meals for the week.  The good thing is the kids are getting fed and it's actually stuff that is pretty good for them...the dog even gets in on the action since little bug finds it funny to drop food down to her!

Sunday - Leftovers - we are driving back in the morning from hubby's parents house and I will not feel like cooking!
Monday - Turkey White Bean Soup
Tuesday - Ranch House Crockpot Porkchops, mashed potatos, and steamed broccoli
Wednesday - Light Taco Casserole
Thursday - Spicy Chicken Stew
Friday - Leftovers - All the crockpot cooking this week is going to fill up my fridge pretty quickly
Saturday - Turkey burgers and sweet potato fries

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finding the Breakthrough

Shrinkvivor Week 1 has come to end and I finally feel like I have my head wrapped around what I'm supposed to be doing.  I had a 3 lb loss this week.  I am really happy with that since I had been at a standstill for months now.  That 3 lbs has taken me out of the 190's but more than that I feel as if I have had a mental breakthrough.  I feel recharged and motivated which is the most exciting thing that I took from Week 1's challenge.  Week 1 we were challenged to get in as many exercise minutes that we would be able to.  I was able to get in 354 minutes between Wednesday, September 28th and Tuesday, October 4th.  For me these last few months is alot. 

Wednesday, September 28th - 30 mins on the elliptical 30 mins leg workout
Thursday, September 29th - 35 mins on the elliptical  15 mins ab workout
Friday, September 30th - 30 mins running 15 mins ab workout
Saturday, October 1st - 30 mins running
Sunday, October 2nd - 35 mins elliptical
Monday, October 3rd - 33 mins elliptical 30 mins leg workout
Tuesday, October 4th - 56 mins running 15 mins ab workout

Week 2 challenge is again to get as many hours as we can.  I'm challenging myself to get in at least 100 more minutes then I did last week.  We are also challenged to get at least 7 - 9 hours of sleep.  I feel that I get enough sleep.  I would say I get in at least 8 hours a night.  Most nights I am ready for bed by 9pm so that part of the challenge should work out well for me.  So on to Week 2!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Confessions Tuesday

Thanks to Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans it's time for Confessions Tuesday.  This post scares the heck out of me because it is forcing me to look back at my work and be honest with how I've done but I need accountability right???  (Insert deep breath)

1.  I'm up at 6am every morning thanks to little bug...have not felt like getting my bag together for the lunch time gym trips I've been doing....but I've forced myself.

2. I'm supposed to be training for my 1st half marathon in December but I just havn't felt like getting on the treadmill or hitting the pavement...I've been more focused on the elliptical and obsessing on losing weight for Vegas (which is where the run is going to be)

3.  As hard as I try not to snack on the minture candy that my office mate keeps in the office by 2:30pm I have failed and caved in.

4.  I told myself that Sunday was the last night I would have a piece of hubby's ice cream cake but last night after putting the little bug down to sleep it was just calling my name.  So while I watched Dexter I had a slice.  I'm hoping that by the time I get home tonight it will have found it's way to the trash or garbage disposal...

There you have it....wasn't as painful as I thought it would be putting it in writing!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Menu Planning Sunday

I'm currently doing a mini-challenge which would mean no fast food this week.  I've been very good about planning out my menu for the week and sticking with it.  That being said most of my meals these days have been crockpot meals.  I love being able to throw everything in the pot before work and having it ready when I get home.  It makes life so much easier with working full time and  then getting home to get my little bug fed by 6:30...This week though I will be cooking a few more nights plus it's hubby's birthday this week and we will be going out a few nights (but I swear we will not be eating fast food)
Sunday - Steak, steamed broccoli and baked potato (Hey it's hubby's birthday this week and this is what he wants on Sunday)
Monday - Weight Watchers Bubble Up Enchiladas I have been wanting to try out this recipe for a while now
Tuesday - Hubby's Birthday - We will be going out to dinner....No fast food I promise!
Wednesday - Slow Cooked Carnitas
Thursday - Baked Salmon, Asparagus and white beans
Friday - Crock Pot 3 bean turkey-chili Very yummy with a baked potato
Saturday - We are going to visit hubby's parents and will be going out to dinner with them
So here's hoping to a good week and hoping I can stay on course!